Dryer repair in Deerfield Beach

Is your dryer acting up? Don't let laundry day become a hassle! Our expert appliance repair services are here to ensure your dryer runs smoothly.

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What kind of problems are we working with?

No Heat

If your dryer is tumbling but not producing heat, it could be a faulty heating element, thermostat, or thermal fuse.

Not Tumbling

Not Tumbling: A malfunctioning motor, belt, or switch could be the culprit if your dryer's drum isn't turning.

Strange Noises

Unusual sounds during operation may indicate worn-out bearings, damaged belts, or foreign objects caught in the drum.

Long Drying Times

If your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry clothes, it may be due to a clogged vent, malfunctioning thermostat, or heating element issues.


An overheating dryer can pose a fire hazard. Our experts can diagnose and fix issues related to faulty thermostats or blocked vents. We have all equipment for air duct cleaning as well.

How to fix your machine?

1. Submit Repair Request

Fill out the form and describe your machine issue on our website. Our consultant will contact you shortly.

2. Master Selection Process

Wait briefly as our consultant selects a skilled technician and arranges a convenient time for you. We value your time and aim for maximum convenience.

3. Diagnosis and Assessment

The technician will come to your location, conduct a diagnostic check, and determine if on-site repair is possible. Full transparency at every stage.

4. Short Wait Period

After your approval for the repair, wait briefly. We prioritize efficiency without compromising quality.

5. Your Machine is Back in Action

Done! Your machine is now operational. Enjoy its seamless performance, and our team is always ready to assist if needed.

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Satinder S.
Satinder S.
2024-05-11 20:36:53
I had a problem with my kenmore dishwasher and I contacted Berne based on their reviews. They were prompt and sent the technician who arrived at the set... read more
2024-05-01 12:14:31
Great company was able to fix my situation. 5 Stars very friendly. everything was made right and happy customer read more
Talita G.
Talita G.
2024-04-15 07:44:10
Very quick response and great service! Same day visit and repair, i will recommend for fridge repair! read more
Marlon H.
Marlon H.
2024-04-10 02:17:35
I was actually considering another company but the quick response plus the positive reviews gave Berne the nod. A+ for a response at near midnight. A quick... read more
Stefano Z.
Stefano Z.
2024-03-27 14:24:57
Great service from A to Z.Fast reply to my first message, the technician came quickly in a couple of hours and in 20 mins he fixed the problem with my... read more
Michael ..
Michael ..
2024-03-25 14:05:55
very good professional.they really knows what they are doingThey came and found out in 5 minutes the problem and fixed. thank you Bernie read more
Kelley ..
Kelley ..
2024-02-23 13:41:04
I requested a BBQ repair for my starter switch. They immediately sent someone over and the technician was able to troubleshoot the issue right away. This... read more
2024-02-15 19:00:36
We had a bit of an issue with the tech dispatched, the dishwasher was fixed, the owner was very proactive in making sure we were happy. Nice job Eugene. read more
nancy ..
nancy ..
2024-02-10 14:18:21
Eugene , Ahmed and the whole staff at Berne Repair did an amazing job in resolving the issues I had with my washing machine. The Berne team... read more
Suri D.
Suri D.
2024-02-05 18:45:16
Simply spectacular work at all levels !!!!10 stars for them !!!First the owner Eugene answered promptly even though it was late, he was honest, told me he... read more
David C.
David C.
2024-01-14 13:35:20
I usually don't write reviews but feel compelled when service far exceeds my expectations. I've been a contractor for over 40 years and can easily qualify... read more
Vincent ..
Vincent ..
2024-01-12 18:27:16
needed to have a new cooktop installed . spoke with Eugene and he was able to schedule a install time the very next day. The Technician Is-Mael came to... read more
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